Apr 5, 2012


Hello all.

"When I'm Gone" has been receiving very good reviews, and we're obviously happy about this as well as honored:

"Totally beautiful, soulful, cleansing, melodic semi-ambient electro acoustic neoclassicism" (Norman Records)
"If you have been twiddling your thumbs, sitting around waiting patiently for a new Labradford album, then When I’m Gone should really hit the spot as it occupies a similar language of sound to the Richmond trio; spare, graceful music where every note matters" (Jeremy Bye, a closer listen)
"The visions conjured by Julien Demoulin and his associates are beautiful" (Adam Bradley, exclaim.ca)
"What a shame it would be if those who might most benefit from exposure to Silencio's
music were to remain unaware of it
" (textura)
"“When I’m Gone” is an incredibly hushed and mellow album (...) – gorgeous" (Nils Quak, resonant strata).

Et pour les francophones :

"Enrobage ambient et manipulations post-rock; belle polyvalence instrumentale; nostalgies bien ancrées: le résultat est admirable" (Philippe Simon, Le Temps)
"Il a aussi la taille fine et gracieuse, l’esprit pensif, la montre en main – 39 minutes, timing parfait, assez pour n’offrir que l’essentiel, comme beaucoup de grands disques avant lui" (Jérôme Olivier, autres directions)
"Un superbe album évanescent dont la beauté et la richesse n'ont de cesse de grandir" (I left without my hat).

Also we have a show coming up on May 12th, at Le Plane Ari Home in the north of France. Also playing: Simon Scott, Tiago Sousa, Sleeping Dog, The Rustle of the Stars.
More shows will be announced soon.

Last but not least, if you haven't bought the new album already, you can get it from Norman Records (UK), Stashed Goods (UK), Experimedia (US), or directly from three:four records.